The DIAGONAL COMPANY Group is today one of the leading groups in the field of mortgage management in Spain.

Works with major Financial Entities (collectively represent about 90% of the total share of the country) and all existing mortgage management models in the market, operating either in the area of Pre-signing, Signing and Post-signing.

It features 16 specific clients' Formalisation Centers, and several centers specializing in the cancellations management. And empowerment signing for many Entities, either firms mortgage operations, dations, own estate sales, etc.-

More than 60,000 mortgage records managed annually.

Manages Own Cancellation's Centers

Formalizes and signs as surrogates all sorts of asset operations besides the actual mortgage operations, Credit Facilities, endorsements, leasings ...

Processing of all kinds of documents: inheritance, Partnerships Acts , siezure cancellations, cancellations resolutory conditions, cadastral arrangements, liquidation of capital gains ...

Securitization Process Support, Audit Portfolio for sale and to amend.

DIAGONAL COMPANY holds a leading position always providing the best solution to their customers, based on a comprehensive digital management of the entire mortgage process.