DIAGONAL COMPANY is nowadays one of the main groups of advanced process outsourcing and financial services, both the Iberian Peninsula.

With its own workforce of over 1,600 employees (about 1,250 in Spain), more than 50 offices / delegations (40 divided by major Spanish cities near Lisbon and Oporto), has the most advanced facilities and technologies, and multiple certifications along with a collaborative and partnership relationship with customers form the main asset of the company.

Collaborates with most of the major Spanish financial institutions and many other foreign, inside and outside our country, with multiple services and often innovative solutions mainly still in the area Mortgage, Legal, Real Estate/Recoveries and operations.

Today DIAGONAL COMPANY is a leader in advanced process outsourcing and financial services, with a clear difference value, anticipate and adapt to find innovative solutions to new and growing requirements of its customers in a wide range of services and processes. With technology at the level of the most advanced technology multinationals but with deep business process knowledge, flexibility and adaptability of enterprises niche (mortgage companies).

Agile innovation and adaptability to a global environment everyday more demanding and complex form the main axis of the DIAGONAL COMPANY Group roadmap.